Concept Review

Part of final year Product Design at the University of Huddersfield is presenting a range of design concepts to your peer group and lecturers. This gives the opportunity to firstly, show the work you have been doing over the past few months and secondly, justify which product would have the biggest impact if developed as a final year design project (known as a dissertation for other students ).

Selecting a suitable idea to develop is critical to final year success as a number of modules link together to ensure the design is as complete, and commercially viable and possible. In April 2015 the Bottle Buoy idea was presented amongst four other Innovative ideas, all with equally compelling supporting research. The main strength of this idea was the huge potential it had in making a real difference to someones life, which in this case could be life or death.

As you can see from figures provided by the World Health Organisation, drowning is a worldwide problem, heavily skewed towards low and middle-income countries.
Nearly 70% of deaths occur in standing water (Ponds and Ditches), these are often close to shorelines, making throwable rescue devices such as life rings very effective.
Existing products are expensive and therefore not installed / made available. Bottle Buoy aims to remove cost as a barrier to improving water safety.

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